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The 3 Key Factors that Influence your List Building Strategy

It doesn't matter how good your marketing emails are, if you send them to the wrong people your campaigns will fail.

So how do you know who to send them to?

Well, if you've done a good job of defining your ideal client, you'll know what sort of person you're looking for. Now comes the question of how to find people who want to hear about your products and services.

One of the most valuable assets your business can have is a good quality, targeted prospect list. So having clear list-building strategies is an essential part of your email marketing strategy.

There are many different ways to build your list, and which one you choose will depend on a combination of 3 Key Factors, which are:


  • How much time you've got available to spend on your list-building.
  • How much money you've got to spend on it.
  • How quickly you need to build your list.

So for example, you can build your list by starting up a Google AdWords campaign to entice people to your website, then offer them a free report or some kind of offer to persuade them to part with their email address. If you set your AdWords budget high enough, this can build your list very quickly, with little effort from you, but it is likely to be relatively expensive.

Alternatively, you could go to a lot of networking meetings and exhibitions, meet people who you think would be interested in your products and services, and then add them to your email list. This is relatively cheap, but it takes a lot of effort and your list will build very slowly.

You could also buy data, which can be quick, but is moderately expensive and it takes a bit of effort to work the list until you identify the key prospects from it.

In a later post, I'll explain some other list-building strategies, but in the meantime, think about the trade off between speed, effort and expense when you're building your list.

To find out more about how to market your business more effectively using email, sign up for our FREE Webinar, "The Eight Essential Elements of Email Marketing". Let us show you how to transform your email marketing to help you reach more customers, make more sales, increase customer loyalty, improve customer retention and reduce the time you spend on your email marketing.