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Email Marketing Mastery - How to get off the Cashflow Rollercoaster  


How to Organise Your Email Marketing to Bring You a Constant Stream of Qualified Leads


Social media and the rise of mobile devices have brought about massive changes in how people communicate. Despite these changes, email remains as effective as ever as a marketing tool.

More people are signing up to email lists than ever before. Open rates and click through rates are also rising. Research shows that consumers and business people prefer to receive offers via email than by any other marketing channel.

Email is far more effective than social media for securing new business and customer loyalty. It has the highest return on investment of any form of direct marketing, averaging £25 for every £1 spent.

Yet many people find it difficult to run email campaigns that consistently deliver results in the form of new and repeat business, increased customer loyalty and improved business reputation.

In this enlightening webinar, Murray Cowell from Inbox Income will explain how to organise your email marketing in such a way that it will bring you optimum results.

Inbox Income has been providing email marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses for 7 years. During this time, Murray has identified How to get Businesses off the Cashflow Rollercoaster by using Email Marketing to bring a steady constant flow of new qualified leads in to the business.

But if you pay attention to these Eight Elements, Murray will show you how to quickly and easily transform the results that you get from your email marketing.

This webinar is equally suitable for newcomers to email marketing, and for experienced email marketers.

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